Acceptable Usage Policy

You agree not to use the services for any unlawful or deceptive practices, and use the Services for the purposes for which they are provided. This includes agreeing not to use the Services to harass any person or intentionally cause harm.

You agree to comply with all laws applicable to your use of the Services (including the Telecommunications Act 2001).

You will not change, impair, reverse engineer, or otherwise affect the Services that Vorco provides to you. If you are found to have influenced or changed the Service characteristics in any way your Service may be suspended or cancelled without notice. Your Service will also be deemed to be noncompliant for the purposes of the Emergency Service Code.

You agree to use the Services only for your own internal business use and not sell, re-bill or otherwise provide any of the Services to anyone else without Vorco’s written consent. Any breach of this provision, whether or not with the knowledge or consent of the Customer shall constitute a material breach of this agreement.

You agree to pay on time and materials basis for any reasonable time taken to resolve issues or faults reported by you that are not attributable to Vorco Equipment or network.

If you become aware of any customer of Vorco who is potentially breaching the Acceptable Usage Policy or Fair Use Policy then you should email immediately including as much detail as possible. We will review the potential breach as soon as possible and take any action we deem appropriate.

Fair Use Policy

By signing up to and using Vorco’s services you accept the Fair Use Policy.

If in Vorco’s sole opinion your usage is so heavy that it materially exceeds estimated use patterns over any given month or Vorco believes that your usage of our services will adversely affect the quality of the service received by other customers, then Vorco may at its sole discretion:

  • De-prioritise your access to the network;
  • Apply charges to your account for the excessive and/or unreasonable element of your usage;
  • Suspend or restrict access to your service; or
  • Terminate your service.

Where possible Vorco will provide you with notice that your usage is excessive and an opportunity to upgrade to a more suitable service or reduce your usage so that it is no longer deemed excessive. Vorco will also, where possible, provide you with notice before any suspension, restriction or termination of your service. If we terminate your service and you are on a fixed contract term then you may have to pay any early termination fees associated with the service.