Optimise Your Teams Phone System with Advanced Reporting

Vorco Teams Call Reporting is an add-on suite for Microsoft Teams Phone System. Designed to work seamlessly with Vorco Calling for Teams, it enriches your call records with detailed data.

Gain insights into call flows and agent performance, all within your Microsoft Teams environment.

Standard Features

  • In-depth Call Analysis

    Understand call flows with detailed tracking and reporting. Identify who answered calls, response times, and outcomes of unanswered calls.
  • Performance Metrics

    Analyse call duration and volume per queue and agent. Easily spot differences in agent performance and call complexity.
  • Easy-to-Access Reports

    Access reports through a special link without the need for sign-in. Embed reports in Microsoft Teams, on displays, or within your CRM system.
  • Customisable Dashboards

    Tailor current and historical dashboards to meet the specific needs of different departments and teams.
  • Missed Call Tracking

    Keep track of missed calls, including overflowed and abandoned calls.
  • Customer-Driven Development

    We continuously evolve based on customer feedback, ensuring our features meet your needs.
  • Included with Vorco Calling for Teams

    The standard suite of Vorco Teams Call Reporting functionality is available at no additional cost for Vorco Calling for Teams customers.
  • Simple Deployment

    Simply generate a reporting link in our customer portal and you’re ready to go in under 60 seconds.

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