Introducing the Vorco XG Router

Your internet experience is only as good as the equipment you use. Experience the future of internet connectivity with the Vorco XG Router. Engineered for 10Gbps speeds, this router offers more than swift connections; it's equipped with a vast array of features and protocols. Welcome to secure, lightning-fast performance, tailored for today's digital age.

Engineered for Excellence

  • 10Gbps Capability

    At its heart is support for 10Gbps line-rate throughput, utilizing a robust Intel processor.
  • Safety and Speed

    With monumental 10Gbps VPN throughput, your data travels swiftly and securely with no compromises.
  • Connectivity Options

    Dual 10Gbps SFP+ ports and dual 1Gbps RJ45 ports offer versatility in connections.
  • Intel Quick-Assist Technology

    With its Intel processor featuring Quick-Assist Technology, it offers hardware acceleration, ensuring performance remains uncompromised.
  • Silent Powerhouse

    A fanless design ensures quiet operations while effectively handling high-speed internet requirements.
  • Protocol Support

    IPv4 and IPv6 support, plus advanced routing protocols tailored to fit every business's unique needs.
  • Quality Matters

    Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features support a consistent and superior user experience.
  • Dual-WAN for High Availability

    The router's dual-WAN features ensure uninterrupted service by supporting our High Availability services, keeping your business connected even in the face of primary connection issues.
  • Compact Form Factor

    Packs all these capabilities and more into a space-conscious 1RU slot.

Maximize Your Plan with the Vorco XG Router!

For those on our Business Plus and Home Plus plans, the Vorco XG Router isn't just an option—it's essential.

Looking for the pinnacle of reliability? Our High Availability services are designed to exclusively pair with the Vorco XG Router.

Enhance your connectivity further on Business Lite, Business Pro, and Home Pro plans, where the XG router stands as a top-tier managed option.

Add the Vorco XG router to your plan and amplify your digital journey.

12-Month Term $399 Setup Fee

/ mth

24-Month Term $299 Setup Fee

/ mth

36-month Term $299 Setup Fee

/ mth