When you need assured performance, and uptime is critical, get peace of mind that sales can be made, customers can be served, and products can be produced.

Get our most flexible connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth and priority support.

Why Vorco Dedicated
Internet Access?

  • Reserved bandwidth for your organisation so other companies’ traffic never disrupts your business.
  • Expert advice to help you design and specify the services needed to meet your requirements.
  • Nationwide reach with last-mile diversity options for higher availability across Chorus, Vector Fibre, Northpower Fibre, Tuatahi First Fibre, and Enable Networks
  • Combine Internet access with SD-WAN services to help you transition away from MPLS WANs
  • Managed provisioning services for seamless deployments.
  • Multi-service capability that enables delivery of Dedicated Internet Access, MPLS WAN, voice and isolated guest access all on a single pipe.
  • Fair and competitive pricing and fast turnaround on quoting and prequalification for service availability.

Our Technical Capabilities

  • High Performance

    Dedicated bandwidth when you need it for your vital, sensitive, high bandwidth applications
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Per-minute connectivity and latency monitoring
  • Quality of Service

    Advanced QoS support for multiple traffic classes
  • High Availability

    Last-mile access diversity and Vorco core diversity
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Run your servers and applications in a combination of private and cloud environments
  • BGP Routing

    Automate failover and traffic engineering
  • Managed Services

    Expert technical resource to implement and if desired, operate your dedicated internet access on your behalf
  • Flexibility

    VLAN support for multiple services on a single pipe
  • DDoS Detection

    Automated DDoS detection on internet bandwidth

Our Technical Services

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