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Samson Corporation

Samson Corporation

One of New Zealand's largest property leasing portfolios comprising commercial office buildings, retail strips and industrial properties.

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Samson Corporation

Samson Corporation is a family run commercial property portfolio. The Friedlander family are proud to have been commercial property owners and developers in Auckland since the 1940s. Samson Corporation’s large property leasing portfolio includes commercial office buildings, retail strips and industrial properties with a wide range of tenants.

Samson needed a flexible provider that could help them gain efficiencies by networking their buildings so they could centrally manage access control, CCTV and BMS systems to provide the fastest service to their tenants. Vorco provided an MPLS WAN at no additional cost compared to standard Vorco internet connectivity, as well as datacentre space to centralise their CRM and ERP applications. Samson can now remotely read critical building stats like water usage in order to support their green initiatives.

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